There are a number of walking and hiking trails surronding Quillan.

More information on maps available on the links on this page and from the local tourist office in Quillan.

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Quillan Sentier Cathare

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IGN2247 and 2347 maps and "l'Aude Pays Cathare a pied" guide cover the area and are available in local newsagents.

Diagram below shows the areas covered by IGN maps.

Topo-guide: l'Aude Pays Cathare a pied

The topo-guide lists 44 walks in the region.


Piques de Lasserre et de Brenac

Guide Time: 3h15

Difficulty:boot boot boot

From rue emile zola Quillan take a left at the end of the road
(avenue du col du portet), then take the next right turn (rue aristide briand)
at the end of the road take a right turn(heading down hill on avenue de Foix.
Before you cross the rail tracks take a left onto the rue du Docteur Roueylou.
Follow the road keeping to the left at the bridge over the stream Gourgaoura and
continue straight on. The route continues past a row of cyress trees on your left.
The route gets narrow and starts up hill. You can see the village of Saint Ferriol
to the North East and the town of Quillan. At the top ( Lasserre pass 510 metres)
you can get a view of Brenac to the west and the hamlet of Lasserre to the North West.
In the distance you can view Campagne-sue-Aude and Esperaza.
The path starts going downhill to the West, at the bottom of the hill turn right.
Continue on to Lasserre then turn left onto the D88 to continue untill you reach
the village of Brenac. (the church worth a view is to the right) The walk continues
to the immediate left and begins again along a lane signposted with red and yellow marks
and an orange spot and going back up hill. This continues to Brenac pass (Sentier Cathare Equestre). The path continues downhill passing a row of cypress trees on your left and continues
to the rue du Docteur Roueylou and back along where the route began returning
to Quillan.

PIC DE BITRAGUE: View from the highest point above Quillan.


Guide Time: 2hours

DIfficulty: boot boot

PIC DE BITRAGUE. Route from Emile Zola
Distance: 3.55 KM's
Guide time: (2 hours)
Climbs to 650 metres to "Le Pic De Bitragues" the highest point overlooking Quillan town.

Take a right at the end of Rue emile zola.
Continue to the end of Avenue de col du Portet.
Take a left turn onto avenue Berthelot.
Continue staight onto rue de la paix.
At the end of the road take a right onto Grand Rue Vaysse Barthelemy.
At the end of the Grand Rue take a left over the bridge Pont Vieux.
Over the bridge take a slight right then immediate left onto Rue du Chateau.
Follow the road up and to the left following the red and yellow marks until you
see the castle on your right.
Continue straight ahead until you reach a tarmac road.
Turn right into the road then follow the red and yellow signs at the first bend
they will lead you onto a path which goes up through the woods and to a view of Quillan.
The path to the left and then leads to a forest track.
Turn left into the track and then left again.
The marking are yellow as you leave the Sentier Carhare.
The walk continues thourgh thick undergrowth up to the Le Pic De Bitragues the
highest point overlooking Quillan town. Return along the same route you came.

Chalet de Carach

Guide Time: 3hrs

Difficulty:boot boot boot

Detailed map of walk here